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Oh, so there is another Minecraft update released?

Minecraft 1.6.2 Update Release

It looks like makers of Minecraft are fast in developing updates of the game or is it just us who are not updated? I guess my son just recently updated our Minecraft to 1.5.2 version and now here is version 1.6.2 released to the launcher.

Anyway, it is good to know that a new update of Minecraft for PC is out as it has fixed many bugs and glitches. If you had already updated your Minecraft to 1.6.2, you surely will notice that your problem with your horses being suffocated when touching the walls is now gone. Animals will now stops roaming around, as the escaping animals issue in the earlier versions is now being addressed. The Sprinting behavior has notable improvements in this version of Minecraft. Mac users take note, the in this latest update, Ctrl + left click is equivalent to right click for windows versions. Do you have problems with fonts? Custom fonts for Minecraft 1.6.2 now look a lot better.

My kids will surely love the update with the long list of fixes that Mojang made. Few of the many reported bugs are fixed in version 1.6.2 includes the following:

Powered Piston drops as an item when in creative – many players are complaining about them placing pistons   became dropped items making them feel like playing in a survival mode.

Water keeps running after being blocked – when placing signs in front of water, water is supposed to stop running or get blocked but it did not happen as complained by other players. However, worry no more because this issue is now totally resolved by Mojang in the 1.6.2 update.

Numpad enter key does not work – when typing keying in enter key from the numpad will not submit the text. For apple users, enter and return have the same function in Minecraft.

Horse still wearing armor after taking it off – in the previous versions, armored horses seems to be still wearing the armor even if you already have taken it off, which is very awkward knowing that you are doing the right command. Thanks goodness, this will never be a problem with 1.6.2 anymore.

Wolves attacking its owner – as owners, we expect our tamed wolves to be tame on us not matter what. However, in previous versions there are times that when you attack wild wolves with projectiles like arrows, snowballs, potions and the likes, tamed wolves has the tendency to attack its owners but this is not the case now as Mojang already fixed it in 1.6.2 patch.

Download Minecraft 1.6.2

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