GTA 5 vs The Last Of Us: If You Have Only One Choice Between Two?


I really do not understand how a linear game like The Last of Us can be better than GTA V.

The Last Of Us Better Than GTA 5?

You’ll be playing GTA V for years and still have different experiences every time with more to do in free-roam. Last of Us is the same thing because it’s linear and after you finish it that’s it unless you replay it again but again, it’ll be same story and not much room for choice. There’s the obvious choice like most linear games as to how to kill an enemy and which path to take to get there but that’s it.

My Last of Us case has been sitting untouched for a month or so now and I have no desire to replay it because I know how it ends. I am sure I’ll replay it eventually but that’s what I mean….take away the story in Last of Us and I bet you wouldn’t have liked it as much. It’s just very memorable because the story really gave you feels and was interesting.

My opinion is that free-roam story-driven games like GTAV will always come out on top over linear games like Last of Us. Once you guys play V I bet you will all change your opinions.

I was giving my own opinion I think I should have phrased it in a way where it was clear that that’s what I was doing. I wasn’t speaking for everyone, I don’t make generalizations.

In my eyes open-world games like V are superior to linear ones like Last of Us. I enjoy freedom in my games. Those are the games that I play the longest and always keep coming back to. I have not touched Last of Us in over a month for the simple fact that it is free-roam. A few years back I imagine that wouldn’t be so but the older I have gotten the more I need freedom in games to truly enjoy them for a long time.

I do play and enjoy linear games but once I finish them I barely touch them unless I get the urge months or years later to experience them again. While free-roam games like the GTA series I can play over and over again and have a different experience every time based on what I choose to do in free-roam or how I choose to complete a mission. I’ll be honest and say that GTA V’s story actually interests me more than that of the Last of Us. I know I sound like a total GTA fanboy right now but I am not, it’s just my view of things. I wish more open-world games could be at the caliber of the GTA series so that we would have more variety.

I did enjoy Last of Us but it’s just not #1 in my book and the fact that is linear plays a very big role in that. I know that’s not the same for others. I am not saying linear games are bad, I play them quite often. I am just saying that to me open-world games are superior.

I think it’s almost a given that linear games have a greater focus on story and usually have richer story-telling….they have to otherwise it’s just another FPS and so forth.

Written by Audiophile

  • vegarin

    You’re making no sense – the Last of Us isn’t FPS, so I’m guessing you haven’t actually played the game? And more importantly, GTAV isn’t even OUT YET, so how could you even stack them against each other? And you’re right – you do reek GTA fanboy-sm, left and right.

  • The Dead Man

    Matter of tastes, bt… GTA can make you cry? Worry do much about the characters?, think about the world and humanity? TLou is a more deep and mature game. I love GTA but after playing and playing at some point you realise that are little experience over and over again. It the conclusion ive taken after i lost 3 years in my life playing online games and sandboxs. A single amazing experience beast evrything else