GTA 5 Trevor One Of The Worst Characters Ever?


I‘m looking forward to playing as Trevor the most for a few reasons, the biggest being that he’s something a little different.

Trevor – Least Favourite Character In GTA 5?

His character intrigues me, there’s also something anarchic about him with a sense of reckless abandon. We’ve not had that before. Every other protagonist has had an agenda, whether its revenge, money or climbing the criminal career ladder. Trevor seems like he’s along for the ride just because it seems fun. I get the impression that he doesn’t like most people, but those that he does, he’s extremely loyal to. He’s also self destructive with little interest in things like personal hygiene he’s about having fun with little regard to consequence.

Do I relate to or want to be like him? God no. But that almost irrelevant, especially in a game like GTA.

Michael is my number two, he’s the guy who’s got it all, and is almost sick of it all. He too, is doing all of it just for the fun of it. He doesn’t need the money, he even tells his therapist he wants all the fun of the heist that he had before, probably because he’s bored and frustrated with everything.

Franklin, unfortunately, he just doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’m not interested in gang culture, nor am I interested in his character or story. Maybe that will change when I play GTA 5, but right now he’s not even on my radar. I wouldn’t want Rockstar to take him out, but if they did, I probably wouldn’t bat n eyelid.

Written by Shattered-minds

I kinda feel the exact opposite of you. From what I noticed online a lot of people seem to love Trevor, almost a little too much in my opinion.

I personally don’t care for him as much as the other two characters, and I believe he will be my least favorite. But I don’t hate him or want him out of the game. I just don’t care for the hillbilly redneck character, and simply hope he isn’t too stereotyped in that direction. I do like him a little more now that I know he’ll be more of a desert guy instead of a living in the woods guy. Kinda reminds me of Cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies, specifically the Vegas one.

I think anytime I want to go on a rampage I will use him though, because I can’t see the others doing it. And one thing I’ll do is change his hair, because I don’t care for the baldng hairline either.

Written by The Sullinator

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