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Why can’t we have everything?

Minecraft Xbox 360 Limited Experience

  1. The Minecraft Xbox 360 agreement among Mojang, 4J Studios, and Microsoft was entered into after Minecraft for the PC had already been in continuous development for more than a year. Under that agreement, development of the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition began with version Beta 1.6.6 (which was the version, Minecraft PC was at when the agreement was signed. It took about a year to do that initial porting work while the PC continued to add things, which put the ongoing porting of the Xbox Edition about a year behind the PC from the outset. The PC continues to add new developments, and unless the developments on the PC slow down and/or stop at some point, it is unlikely that the Xbox 360 edition will gain ground on that approximate one-year lag.
  2. The Xbox 360 was first designed about 10 years ago and that design has not changed. It has some serious limitations (e.g. only 512 MB of RAM) which makes the task of porting a game really being designed to run on PCs with much more capacity all that much more time consuming and difficult for 4J… slowing down the porting process considerably and necessitating some differences in how the game runs (e.g. to accommodate play through Xbox Live and on local splitscreen). In addition, Microsoft has some additional limitations regarding what can and cannot be accepted onto Live for download onto their system. This seems to limit 4J to a maximum of 1 update a month (including bug fix updates) and also means that no independent mods are available for the Xbox edition (nor will they likely ever become available for the Xbox Edition).
  3. In addition, 4J have expressed an intention to deviate away from the PC version at some point and take the Xbox 360 editiion in its own direction.

Minecraft Xbox 360 4J Studios Ethical Business

The title of this post is “Why can’t we have everything?” In the second paragraph, I’m saying that you can’t expect a 10-year-old piece of hardware that has no ability to be upgraded to have everything that a PC system that can be upgraded does. You wouldn’t expect it be able to squeeze everything into a PE Edition, so why expect it to get it all into an Xbox 360.

In the third paragraph is where I bring up 4J’s stated idea of taking the Xbox Edition in it’s own direction. That would perhaps compensate for not being able to ever add “Everything” by adding a couple of things that will be unique (at least initiallly). What I’ve left unsaid because it opens up another can of worms is that I believe a large part of the problem is that PC Minecraft has really become almost exclusively about modding. Mojang gave the community the opportunity to write a lot of their own stuff into the game and the community just loves the idea of being able to rewrite the game on their own to suit themselves. That’s fine on the more “open-source” environment of the PC.

However, the Xbox Edition is not open-source, it’s closed source. Console gaming has never been about practically every player continually rewriting the programs for their own versions of the games. So, the Xbox Edition can never have/support modding because Microsoft owns all the rights to the Xbox 360 and they are NEVER going to allow ad hoc mod programs to infiiltrate the LIVE network.

So, this puts 4J in a bit of a spot… They are the contracted authors of the Xbox Edition, supported by agreements with both Mojang and Microsoft. As an ethical business, they can’t just copy a bunch of other people’s PC mods since that would put them in possible violation of the various mod authors’ copyrights. So, they have said they are considering taking the Xbox Edition in their own, unique direction (i.e. modding it themselves but in an OFFICIAL way using their own unique ideas. They also said this idea was contingent upon obtaining the agreement and support of Mojang; and at last report, they were talking about that idea with Mojang. However, we don’t know what the outcome of those talks was/is or if they are still ongoing.

The alternative, of course, is that all we’ll ever have on the Xbox is “everything” in pure vanilla Minecraft… but even that isn’t going to be possible much longer since which Mojang’s most recent focus has become writing a whole new API into the game to support modding it on the PC and that part of “vanilla” Minecraft can’t be brought onto the Xbox. It IS a vicious circle and it’s not about just “missing blocks.”

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  • Isaiah

    I can’t wait but I want vanilla minecraft no mods just plain old motherf**king minecraft.

  • muerto1

    How would modding work now that Xbox will be open to self publishing?

    • Matt. St**e

      I guess only 4j or Mojang know

  • mitchel eckstein

    they said on 4js facebook page that it comes out next week sometime

    • Matt. St**e

      Cert. testing next week. That will last for a week

  • dawg

    they are taking a long time

    • Matt. St**e

      You don’t say

  • Matt. St**e

    That picture at the top is using a texture pack. How would we put texture packs onto the xbox 360 edition.

    • wolfzilla20

      Are you a dumbass they port it to the xbox

      • Matt. St**e

        I didn’t know, why did you call me ‘dumbass’?

  • Stetson Bomar

    wean is tu12 coming out

    • Matt. St**e

      10 days from today (estimation)

      • Drake Walden

        this week (fact)

  • Tony Lindsay

    same-day as call of duty black ops 2 map pack release 27/8/13

    • Tony Lindsay

      ive been right about the last 3 updates

      • Curtney

        Your wrong about this one:)

    • Matt. St**e

      That is an estimation I’ve seen recently. 4j studios said they will give us the date as soon as they know. If you have a twitter account, I recommend following 4j studios for the latest news.