Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12: New Epic Seeds?


Even so the worlds are much smaller and the seeds change with every update. So even if you do put the seed in, it will vary with each update.

The seeds dont change with each update, they are based on the world generator.

The coding really changes very little. Its just transposed from Java to C++ they didn’t really change how the generators work its just numerical block codes crunched by the generator itself. All the seeds work as they should based on which generator is currently being implemented. So if the seed he’s referring to works on the ANVIL generator (i believe that’s what its called) than it should work just fine. now if he’ll get the jungle he wants I’m not sure. Depends on where it is in the map I guess.

Also, very few of those are actual options. Except Frank, I’ll definitely capture an iron golem and name him Frank.

But we probably wont get texture packs right off the bat. We arent sure yet. And they havent really given us any hints about that. We just know they are adding texture pack support.

I’ll probably keep working on my steampunk world though and try out the upside down stairs, slabs, jungle wood and of course the gorgeous redstone lamps.

Will also be using some of the new redstone features like upside down slabs with redstone. I’m gonna try and compact some circuits I’ve been working on.

Written by Killenjoke

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Jungle Update

I’ve got an epic TU7 world that I’ve left half unexplored. First thing I’ll do is make a copy of it then explore that copy to see if I luck onto a jungle.

Other than that, the race to find a new epic seed.

I’m going to avoid opening my existing worlds otherwise for a while to avoid any potential disaster bugs, eg save deletions, chunk errors, etc.

Written by Ubergine