Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Release Is Already Certified?


With lots of players waiting for the release of Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12, 4J Studio employees continue in getting the job done.

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update Support Mash-Up Packs

While in the process of completing the update and have it ready for release, people behind the most awaited updated continues to give the players an idea about what to expect on the coming Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update and release information about the update in bits. Just recently, 4J Studios said on a Tweet that TU12 would provide support for mash-up packs.

It has been known that texture packs will be present on the coming update and people looking for a huge change when it comes to aesthetics of the game will surely love this news.

What players can get with mash-up packs?

With the help of mash-up packs, players will have a higher chance of a more enhanced gaming experience with more cool-looking stuff and the likes. 4J Studios said in a tweet “A Mash-up Pack makes Minecraft look like another game, so Texture Pack + Skin Pack + User Interface + Music + Themed World.”

With the above statement alone, surely everybody is excited to death for the release of TU12. Even my boys are itching to experience the new Minecraft update, but with no Xbox 360 at home, all they can do right now is to wish they could have the Xbox 360 soon. So, for now, they are working hard on their grades to get a reward and they are asking for an Xbox 360.

Other things to watch our on TU12 Update

In our previous article, we have discussed about the release of Skin Pack 5, which will be out on July 31, 2013. In the said article, we are happy in discussing the new skins coming, wherein Roland, Axton, Handsome Jack, Maya and Salvador of Borderlands and Isaac Clarke, Carver, Ellie and the Puker Necromoprh of Dead Space are declared to be in Skin Pack 5. Today, another lovely update was made by 4J studio saying that other than the previously confirmed stuff, Lee Everett, Kenny, Female Walker, Molly, Male Walker, Christa, and Omid from The Walking Dead: Season One will be available too joining the many fun skins in Skin Pack 5.

Are you guys happy now with the released skins available for Skin Pack 5? You better watch out because there are still new addition skins coming out making the release day of Skin Pack 5 a must wait.

  • Secret

    People don’t really care about the skin pack! They want the update! Then maybe they could work on the skin pack which they can sell and get money for even though on the computer there free…

    • Niko

      4J would probably release all downloadable content free, even on Xbox. But its Microsoft that says “Hey, dont give this free! You can make money out of this”

      • A person

        That’s the most dumb thing I’ve ever heard. Microsoft doesn’t control prices for other companies…Also skins are free on PC because 4J DOESN’T FREAKING MAKE THEM.

  • Faggot

    Still no Update as of the 31st.

    • Matt. St**e

      Charming username (sarcasm)

  • NGV

    I’m patient but getting tired of waiting for tu12. I know that it’s gonna be awesome tho. Wish skin pack 5 was cooler. Not in a hurry to buy that one that’s for damn sure. How about ones that don’t suck. Futurama skins or something.

  • SHIT LORD 9001


  • DarkFox64

    I don’t care about the skin pack 5!!!!!! just stop delaying it just release the tu12 update I been waiting for two months for the tu12 update please just release :(

  • Riley

    can we have a rough date of release as we have all been waiting on this update for ages and personally I’m getting tired of waiting for it


    So my Xbox 360 name is KSI NiNgA sTaR send me a message about the new update(-:!?

    • Matt. St**e

      Don’t trust the authors here. They talk a load of poop.

  • Matt. St**e

    Oh my bloody god. ALL the titles but one about tu13 (makes sense when you read it) all lie and mislead people.

  • #1 minecraftian

    they should have worked more on the update than the skins they would have gotten the update done quicker if they spent the time on updates also they should make an app for creating your own skins that would add allot more variety to the players in the game GET THE UPDATE DONE PLS

  • Mother Bear

    Where have the villages gone?!! So far we’ve played two different worlds with the new update and NO villages being found!!